Welcome to Mobile Branded Advertising (MBA) with Epic Atlanta Transportation. The new era of Branding is finding unique and inexpensive ways to let new potential customers know you exist and where they can find you. As we travel, your Brand travels with us and will be seen by hundreds to thousands of fresh customers. We just need a little information from you to get started. Welcome aboard!

• Membership guarantees your organization two Mobile Branding magnets – which will belong to you at the end of your two-week contract
• Membership is for 2 weeks (14 days consecutively) of service – if you wish to extend beyond your agreed 2 weeks, we encourage it and will duplicate the process
• Magnets will be located on the back or the side of the Epic Atlanta vehicle
• Members will be added to a large database of other members to receive emails of future events and promotions
• Once you have purchased your mobile magnet, you will have the ability to approve a proof, upon approval – your Mobile Branded Advertisement (MBA) will begin on the designated date and end on a designated date
• As part of our Mobile Branding package, we will go Facebook & Instagram LIVE! To present your Brand to the world (2x’s during your 2-week advertisement period)
• You are encouraged to supply us with your business cards to be placed on board the vehicle where your Brand is being promoted (cards will remain on board for referrals, but only be visible during your promotional period)
• We will select a business of the month (on going) – by random selection to showcase their unique Brand offering via our Social Media platform/s. Simply provide us with your digital business card/logo and your tagline (#hashtag)
• Once you become a member, you will receive a returning member discount at a rate of just $100.00. In the event your company has new information – the magnet will need to be re-ordered and the original pricing of $150.00 will apply
• A $50.00 deposit is required no later than 1 week prior to the run of your Mobile Branded Advertisement (MBA) and the balance of $100.00 is due 24 hours before the run of your MBA

We sincerely thank you for giving us the opportunity to service you for all your local travel needs (distance travel available in the near future).

Here at Epic Atlanta Transportation we strive to provide the most impeccable service at the most affordable price, as it is our goal to earn your business long-term. We can accommodate most any travel itinerary/arrangements, simply inquire and let’s roll!


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