GO BIG With A Night Out

Whether a girl’s night out or a guy’s hang out, Friday & Saturday nights will never be the same after booking a party limo with us. Arrive alive, don’t drink and drive!  Leave the driving to us!
What To Expect
Have fun with your friends. Party with them, go to pub, restaurant, lounge or a concert. Your busy schedules often left no time to spend with friends so this time dedicate one night to them and enjoy to the fullest. With our services at your disposal; you need to worry about who will drop whom and parking. Our chauffeur will take care of all these concerns on your behalf. You just relax and swing with the party mood. Move with the zeal of the night and make it memorable one. Don’t worry our chauffeur will wait for you until you are done . So relax and after you are done we will drop you back home safely.

For the best service and professional care, call EpicATL and have us give you a free

Darron McDaniel -CEO, Epic ATL

EpicATL is a Luxury Party bus rental company offering numerous services

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EpicATL Transportation is illustrious and elegant!!!

Darron McDaniel -CEO,Epic ATL


Our aim is to fill a gap in niche market of Trade

Transportation for Seniors

Transportation is crucial to ensure access to essential services such as medical care and grocery shopping. The availability of adequate transportation enables older persons to live independently in their communities, helps to prevent isolation and the possible need for long-term care placement. Many older people, who do not drive, must rely on family and friends to provide much of the transportation. But for others, it is necessary to find community resources to provide transportation, as this vital support service may be their only connection to the outside world.
We concentrate on medical and health-related travel and try to customize our rides:
> curb-to-curb for riders who are fairly agile.
> door-to-door for those who need assistance.
> door-through-door, when passengers request that the volunteer stay with them.

night out

Whether a girl’s night out or a guy’s hang out, Friday & Saturday nights will never be the same after booking a party limo with us. Arrive alive, don’t drink and drive!  Leave the driving to us!

kids/teen birthday party

Epic ATL Transportation Bus offers children’s birthday party bus rentals that will please a child of any age!  Imagine the excitement of your birthday boy or girl when our party bus rolls up to your hous

wedding trip

Epic ATL Transportation Wedding Package begins upon arrival at your door for your luxurious ride to the church.As your ceremony progresses, your chauffeur is busy preparing the just married signs!

new year's eve

Ring in the New Year and leave the driving to us. Be apart of various celebrations in the ATL METRO areas and leave the driving to us. Reserve with us and celebrate the New Year safely. Make this New Year exciting and memorable with us.


Prom Night is the highlight of a student’s high school experience. To help you celebrate this special event, Epic ATL Transportation offers limo bus packages for you to share this once in a lifetime evening with your friends.

Game Day Party

The local NFL football and Atlanta Falcons games are one of the main attractions in the Metro Atlanta area every year and there is no better way to take in the experience that in a luxurious Party Bus.

birthday package

Our party buses are the perfect “party machines” for adult & children’s birthday parties. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 8 year old to 88 year old birthday party, we have the party bus for your group to make the night they won’t forget for a long time. 


Pre-arranged service and reservations for 15 minutes or for the day!One-way, round trip or hour by hour Service for one or service for 6 of passengers.

Welcome to Mobile Branded Advertising (MBA) with Epic Atlanta Transportation

The new era of Branding is finding unique and inexpensive ways to let new potential customers know you exist and where they can find you. As we travel, your Brand travels with us and will be seen by hundreds to thousands of fresh customers. We just need a little information from you to get started. Welcome aboard!



Frequently Asked Questions
In the course of doing business, we’ve discovered that our new customers tend to have the same questions for us when they call to rent a bus. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If your questions aren’t answered on this page, you can contact us here via telephone or email!
Q: If we’re having a great time and would like to stay longer than we planned, can we do so without being charged exorbitant fees?
A: Absolutely! Not only do we want you to have an excellent time on your first trip with us, but we want you to remain a happy customer as the years go by! That’s why we treat you with respect when it comes to our prices for service, and everything is out on the table. There are never any hidden fees to worry about. While there are certainly other party bus companies out there who would charge you additional fees for a lengthier term of service than originally contracted, we never will. We’ll simply continue to charge you at the hourly rate that we agreed upon when you booked your trip. So you can relax and enjoy yourself without having to watch the clock or calendar!
Q: Can my party smoke cigarettes on the bus? -or- Will the bus smell like cigarette smoke?
A: In order to keep our luxurious furnishings as clean and fresh an s possible, we have a firm “no smoking” policy on all of our vehicles. We appreciate your adhering to this policy out of respect for both your party and the parties who will rent the bus after you.
Q: What about alcohol? Will it be provided, and/or are we allowed to bring our own?
A: Though we are not permitted by law to provide any alcohol to you, you are certainly allowed to bring your own on board, and we do provide all the necessary amenities to you, including coolers with ice, plastic cups, and a deluxe bar so your drink mixing and pouring will be easy and fun. This is one of the biggest advantages to renting a party bus, because even if you have a designated driver in your own vehicle, you cannot have open alcoholic beverages in the car. On our party buses, you’re free to keep the party going in between destinations!
Q: What hours of the day, days of the week, and times of the year do you operate?
A: We are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Of course we do have times of the year that are busier than most, so booking well in advance is always a plus.
Q: Do you serve the area that I plan to travel to?
A: We have a page that details our most popular cities right here, but we do not limit our services to just those areas. You can give us a call right now at (1 833 -Epic ATL) to make sure that we service the area(s) that you plan to visit, or shoot us an email at ( email) and we’ll get back to you asap.
Q: Am I allowed to cancel my reservation?
A:Unfortunately, you cannot cancel. Once you have made your reservation and paid a deposit, you will have to pay for the service if you use it or not. You cannot switched days either. The only thing you might be able to do, depending on availability, if move your time earlier/later or upgrade/downgrade your vehicle.
Q: Can children come on board with us?
A: Children can most definitely come onto our vehicles. The only thing is, if there are those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be alcohol on the vehicles.
Q: Are we allowed to bring food with us?
A:Yes you can! There are coolers to even keep your food cold. Try not to make a mess, you may be charged a cleaning fee if the mess is a lot.